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You can use the ABOVE LINK to my Online Store to browse Herbalife products displayed but to get price information on products you will need a store password. This can easily be applied for online when you reach the store by the link. Alternatively it can be supplied by calling me on 01565 621006 or by emailing me on allan@awanet.co.uk  The password will also enable you to use the store to make online purchases at any time.


For 3 Fast Track Steps to Becoming a Distributor visit Herbalife International Business Opportunity site taking the link www.hlibo.com


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Herbalife Shapeworks products allow people to improve their HerbalShop nutrition and health, lose weight or improve their income


The Herbalife company was founded in 1980 and after 30 years is now one of the leading manufacturers of health food for Herbal Shop nutrition and weightloss worldwide with around 40 million customers.

The Herbalife HerbalShop nutrition health and weightloss products incorporate the latest knowledge in nutrition and are ideal for HerbalShop nutrition, sports nutrition, shape, weight loss, and wellbeing.

The Herbalife Shapeworks HerbalShop nutrition, health and weightloss products include the world famous Herbalife Formula 1 food powder 'shake' and a range of health, weightloss, Herbal Shop nutrition and nutritional foods which combine herbs to provide exceptional weightloss and health results and also can be used for sports nutrition.

Herbalife Formula 1 powder is normally used with Herbalife Formula 2 (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) to provide optimum nutrition for rugby sports health and weightloss and there are also Herbalife HerbalShop nutrition and weightloss products such as Formula 3 (extra protein), Cell Activator, Thermojetics Beverage, RoseOx, Tang Kuei and Thermo Complete which provide additional HerbalShop nutrition benefits and are equally applicable as nutrition for health sports and fitness.

Herbalife HerbalShop nutrition, health and weightloss products achieve results because they are able to provide a level of nutrition for rugby and sports which is very difficult to achieve with typical Western nutrition.

Herbalife also has an outstanding range of skin and hair care products which like the Herbalife Herbal Shop nutrition health and weightloss foods are of the highest quality.

Herbalife Distributor

There is a first class opportunity to work as a Herbalife Independent Distributor selling Herbalife Shapeworks HerbalShop nutrition health and weightloss products and I can talk through what you do and how to get started if you contact me.

Full training on the Herbalife Herbal Shop nutrition health and weightloss products is available and the Herbalife business can be worked from home part-time or full-time, many people start part-time.

Overseas contacts can be useful for the Herbalife HerbalShop nutrition health and weightloss business but are not essential.

With the Wellness Industry now projected to grow very rapidly Herbalife HerbalShop nutrition health and weightloss products offer one of the outstanding health industry opportunities of the decade.

There is the opportunity to work using your computer and the Internet selling these Herbalife HerbalShop nutrition health and weightloss products.

You can work at your own speed and with flexible hours but you get the support and backup associated with Herbalife as an established sports nutrition , health food and weightloss company.

If you are interested in nutrition for rugby and sports generally and health and working with people then Herbalife could be the opportunity to bring these interests together and create an income for yourself.

Herbalife Products

I am able to supply Herbalife Shapeworks products from the Herbalife HerbalShop nutrition health and weightloss product range to you as a customer so you can feel the difference. Having sold these Herbalife Herbal Shop nutrition health and weightloss products for 15 years I will be pleased to help you with selecting the best combination of Herbalife HerbalShop nutrition health and weightloss products for your sports, weightloss and health needs so you can get best value from them and use them correctly. The Herbalife HerbalShop nutrition health and weightloss product range covers a number of areas and advice on the right Herbalife HerbalShop nutrition and weightloss products to match your overall health and sports needs is important.

To contact me regarding Herbalife products or the Herbalife opportunity please call (0845) 6441106 and if I am not able to take the call at that time please leave a message on the answering service and I will get back to you shortly. If possible please leave a UK landline number and the best time to call. Alternatively please send an e-mail message with your enquiry and I will contact you.

Allan Wilson

Herbalife Independent Distributor

Herbalife Shapeworks


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Wellness: www.wellperson.info

(0845) 6441106 or (01565) 621006

Knutsford, Cheshire, UK

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